Uranium Participation Corp.

Uranium Concentrate Investment

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Calculation NAV and Value of Securities

At the end of each month, the Manager is obligated under the Management Services Agreement to calculate and disclose the NAV. The NAV is determined by multiplying the quantity of uranium held by or on behalf of the Corporation by the last spot price for uranium for the month published by UxCo, plus cash and any other assets held by the Corporation, less any outstanding payables, indebtedness and all other liabilities of the Corporation and dividing the result by the number of common shares outstanding. Any amounts in U.S. dollars are converted into Canadian dollars based on the noon rate of exchange as published by the Bank of Canada as at the last business day of the month.

The NAV may not necessarily reflect the actual realizable value of uranium held by UPC.

For current NAV calculations, please see news releases.  
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